The City Podcast: No Mere Christians

by Timothy Motte on March 23, 2015

How are Christians from different denominations supposed to relate to one another? How can we recognize other Christians when we disagree on doctrines? Which beliefs are important enough to divide us? Listen today as we discuss these questions.

Featuring: Dr. Holly OrdwayCate MacDonaldDr. Michael Ward

The City Podcast. Smart. Sane. Spiritual.


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The City Podcast: N.T. Wright

by Timothy Motte on July 28, 2014

Dr. Capes had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with renowned theologian N.T. Wright and have a satisfying talk about the theology, especially the christology, of the Apostle Paul. And today, you get to hear it.

Featuring: Dr. N.T. Wright, Dr. David Capes

The City Podcast. Smart. Sane. Spiritual.


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The City Podcast: Joy in Prison and Other Epiphanies

by Timothy Motte on July 21, 2014

No one knows a text better than a scribe.

When you painstakingly transfer a text word-by-word from one medium to another, you develop a deep familiarity with it. The slowness of the process allows you to ponder and meditate upon what it says. The exactitude required means that you don’t miss any details. 

That’s what Rachel Motte does. As the editor of, it’s her job to transcribe Dr. Sloan’s vast archive of recorded sermons and adapt them for easy reading in a text format. Because he is both a very learned New Testament scholar and an excellent communicator, she reports that living with his preaching so intimately has taught her volumes about the Bible.

In this podcast, Rachel sits down with Dr. David Capes (another New Testament scholar at HBU) and shares some of the insights she has gathered while working on Dr. Sloan’s series on Philippians.

What do you do when you want to learn a text well? Have you tried copying it word-by-word?

Featuring: Rachel Motte, Dr. David Capes

The City Podcast. Smart. Sane. Spiritual.


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On Debating Dan Barker

by John Mark Reynolds on November 22, 2013

Originally posted at Wheatstone Writes. John Mark Reynolds is a Founder of Wheatstone Ministries. He blogs, advises, and speaks for Wheatstone regularly. Visit for more information.

I was excited to debate Dan Barker. Why? First, Barker’s story is very much like my own, but with a different conclusion. We had similar childhoods and followed a pathway into Christian ministry. Right about the time his first book came out, I was deciding whether to remain a Christian. [click to continue…]

Advice to My Son 4: The World Is Full of Magic

by Lou Markos on September 19, 2013

Ever since you were a boy, I’ve tried to convince you of one simple truth. The world is full of magic: you just have to have eyes to see it and ears to hear it. That’s why I spent so much time reading fairy tales to you and your sister. Fairy tales remind us that there is magic, deep magic, in every tree, every rock, every sunset, and especially every person.

Western religions have traditionally focused on the transcendence of God: God exists outside of time and space and is radically other than us or our world. Eastern religions, on the other hand, have put their focus on the immanence of God: God does not dwell outside the world but exists in and through it. [click to continue…]

The City Podcast: Mere Christianity in a Mythic Moment

by Timothy Motte on April 30, 2013

The City, a podcast of Houston Baptist University: Smart. Sane. Spiritual.

Featuring: Mary Jo Sharp, Dr. Holly Ordway, Cate MacDonald, and Dr. John Mark Reynolds

HBU is in a mythic moment.

There are many factors contributing to this, and that is why Dr. Reynolds brought in amazing apologetics professor Mary Jo Sharp to discuss it.

The melting pot nature of the city of Houston, and the mere Christian mission of HBU bring to light the ways in which Christians from vastly different denominations can work closely together while still maintaining their doctrinal distinctiveness.

Also, in this episode, you will find out which Lord of the Rings character Dr. Reynolds thinks President Sloan looks like.


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