Fixing Everything

by John Mark Reynolds on August 5, 2011

There are a lot of messes in the world (poverty, disease, oil spills, etc.) and a lot of different ways to try to clean them up. How should Christians think about this process? Whose responsibility is this job of “fixing everything”? Join Dr. John Mark Reynolds and Dr. Fred Sanders of the Torrey Honors Institute as they unravel a bit more of the difficulties regarding wealth, poverty, politics, the “s” word, and the strangely apolitical sentiments of the current generation of students.

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Rush Limbaugh, Conservative Leader?

by John Mark Reynolds on March 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh has taken center stage as America’s conservative thought leader and figurehead. Many conservatives are happy with Rush as their thought leader, but is Rush’s current role as the figurehead and thought leader of the conservative movement the one he is best at and the one he ought to play? Is Rush’s prominence as a figurehead for conservatism to Obama’s advantage? Based on the controversy surrounding his recent post about Rush’s CPAC speech, John Mark Reynolds speaks with Professor Paul Spears and blogger Dustin Steeve about the role Rush is currently playing in conservative politics and the implications of that role for the broader conservative movement.

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Reflections on the Revolutions of Change

by John Mark Reynolds on November 5, 2008

In light of the discussions and rhetoric surrounding Election 2008, John Mark Reynolds, Paul Spear, and Fred Sanders discuss Edmund Burke, his political philosophy which supported change but not revolution, his ability to capture the imagination of the younger generation, and the implications of these reflections for us.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Goes to Columbia

by John Mark Reynolds on October 2, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to Columbia University has sparked both reactions of appreciation and disgust from pundits across the media. While many have debated the political cost of his visit, questions about whether or not it was meritorious for Columbia to invite Ahmadinejad for educational reasons have been largely unaddressed. Was it good that Columbia invited Ahmadinejad for an exchange of ideas? What are the obligations of a university to the nation that it resides in? Should we as Christians even be concerned about the political ramifications that this visit has wrought on our home nation? John Mark Reynolds, Fred Sanders, and Paul Spears debate these questions on this first edition of Middlebrow: Where Big Ideas Undergo the Digital Martyrdom.