Boethius and the Consolation of Philosophy

by John Mark Reynolds on June 24, 2011

The last of the Romans, the first of the medievals—Boethius bridges the gap with his classic work, The Consolation of Philosophy. Join Dr. John Mark Reynolds and Dr. Fred Sanders, of the Torrey Honors Institute, as they discuss the method of Lady Philosophy’s consolation and its relevance to the Christian life. In the course of the podcast, they spend time sitting with the problem of evil, weigh the notions of Fortune and Providence, and consider what Boethius, Lady Philosophy, and the Bible have to say about each. As usual, the time runs out before the ideas do!

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Tweets and Possibility Junkies: The Online “Conversation”

by John Mark Reynolds on April 12, 2009

Since human communication is only 15% verbal, what are the benefits and deficiencies of online communication? Is it a conversation? Or merely information distribution? Does it promote discussion and deep thinking or is it just “aphoristic” and “attention-getting?”

Join John Mark Reynolds and Paul Spears of the Torrey Honors Institute as they discuss the nature and virtues of new media as a form of community and communication with alumni Dustin Steeve.

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John Granger and Harry Potter Canon

by John Mark Reynolds on October 8, 2008

Special guest and Potter pundit John Granger joins John Mark Reynolds and Paul Spears of Middlebrow to discuss literary theory especially as it pertains to determining what constitutes part of the Potter canon.