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Boston Marathon Bombing – Ten Rules for an American Crisis

by John Mark Reynolds on April 16, 2013

Rule Number One: I will not blame mainstream members of a group for the actions in Boston of extremists. I will blame the extremists.

Rule Number Two: I will not try far-fetched linkage of this bombing to my favorite political clause.

Rule Number Three: I will remember that the first news from any act of violence is almost always incorrect.

Rule Number Four: I will not supersaturate in the news. If I must do something I will pray and give money to the Red Cross.

Rule Number Five: I will not overly focus on stupid social media comments by those I don’t agree with. Selection bias is real.

Rule Number Six: I will not respond to social media trolling.

Rule Number Seven: I will remember that this crisis is not about me, but about those suffering, and I will pray accordingly.

Rule Number Eight: I will recall to pray for my enemies. No hate, but justice.

Rule Number Nine: This is the worst possible time to speculate in any area outside of my area of expertise.

Rule Number Ten: I will give my fears to Jesus and rest in His love.

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