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The City Podcast: Why is HBU Suing the Federal Government?

by Benjamin Domenech on January 25, 2013

The City, a podcast of Houston Baptist University: Smart. Sane. Spiritual.

Featuring: Cate MacDonald, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, President Robert Sloan

Houston Baptist University is suing the federal government. Find out why.

Dr. Reynolds and President Sloan discuss the lawsuit that Houston Baptist University has filed against the federal government over the mandate included in Obamacare that religious institutions are required to provide health insurance that covers health services that violate their religious teachings. HBU joins a number of other faith-based universities that have also filed lawsuits about this issue. But this conversation covers more than information or announcements. Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Sloan really get at the heart of the culture wars and what religious liberty really means, how Christianity is not merely an internal experience, and the role of Christian universities in this situation.


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