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The City Podcast: New Media and Shared Culture

by Benjamin Domenech on January 30, 2013

The City, a podcast of Houston Baptist University: Smart. Sane. Spiritual.

Featuring: Cate MacDonald, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Dr. Holly Ordway, Dr. Jeff Wilkinson

New Media and Shared Culture.

In a podcast about new media, it just makes sense to bring in Houston Baptist University’s expert professor of mass communications, Dr. Jeff Wilkinson. And thus ensues the battle between the technology pessimists and the technology optimists. Will our shared culture disappear as we separate ourselves into closed tribes in niche markets? Will the Superbowl and American Idol be the only thing we have in common? What will become of us now that we have the ability to entertain ourselves ad infitium? You also get to hear Dr. Reynolds do his impression of a Starbucks drive-through.


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