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Ten Amazing Reasons to Go to HBU Not Named Sloan

by John Mark Reynolds on May 23, 2012

So it is hard to work for Robert Sloan.

If people ask why you are coming to HBU and you say: “Sloan’s vision” you sound like a sycophant. Let’s face it: sitting in a room with Sloan is a University education.

But if there was no Sloan, then HBU would still be awesome. Sloan makes it Super-Awesome or makes the other awesome known.

First, HBU is stable. Make fun of it if you want, but God help you if you go to a college that has to throw a Hail Mary to make pay roll. You own their name for the rest of your life and HBU will be around for the rest of your life. It is well run and full of serious folk.

Second, HBU has first-rate programs already: see nursing and the sciences as an example. HBU diplomas are welcome in hospitals all over Houston and Houston does hospitals the way LA does film.

Third, HBU is Christian without being crabby. If you think Jesus is Lord, then you can study and work at HBU. Some Christian colleges are faithful, but full of folk so narrow they can see down a straw with both eyes. Some Christian colleges are so merely Christian, they think tolerating Christianity is enough. HBU, like Touchstone Magazine or C.S. Lewis, wants Jesus to rule, but doesn’t rule out swathes of His children based on narrow sectarian grounds.

Fourth, HBU has some awesome folk. Let me name two: Louis Markos, Jerry Walls. Google. Find out that I am lucky to work with such folk and then realize there are scores more such folk.

Fifth, HBU knows higher education is changing. Let’s face it debt financing has to end. HBU knows it. The “Net” has changed information distribution: HBU knows it. They are a stable organization willing to change.

Sixth, HBU values incarnate education. What do the football team and the Honors College have in common? You have to be in Houston to enjoy them.

Seventh, HBU will win. HBU is starting a first-rate philosophy and cultural apologetics program, because we refuse to lose. We say to secularists: “We will not sit quietly on the back of your bus. We built the bus and we intend to drive.”

Eighth, HBU looks like America will tomorrow today. HBU has the diversity other schools have seminars to achieve. Look at the faculty of apologetics and say: “This is not your Papaw’s apologetic program.”

Ninth, HBU is in Houston. Chicago was Houston in the nineteenth century. Los Angeles was Houston in the twentieth century. Houston is Houston of the twenty-first century. The city is growing and values free markets and diversity. It has NASA and opera. What more do you want?

Tenth, HBU has Baptist roots. Most of us aren’t Baptists, but we are proud to be grounded in the Baptist tradition. Why? Baptists are the only group that could have created the wonderful combination of soul liberty and Biblical faithfulness that exists at HBU. We love the Bible, the inerrant Word of God, and we love questions. God bless the Baptists for making such a culture possible!

And did I mention Robert Sloan is the President of HBU?

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