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Moving Day

by John Mark Reynolds on May 2, 2012

Do you actually move in virtual reality?

Yes, I think so. As a friend pointed out some physical assets were moved from one server to another and I now type a different web address to reach my page. This change in 0’s and 1’s exist.

I may no longer write at Disneyland, but please keep your hands and arms inside this new vehicle. My old friends at Scriptorium Daily will keep engaging in digital martyrdom, though they will suffer less now that I am gone. Having moved from Southern California for the weather here in Houston, my Macbook Air is now equipped with a dehumidifier.

My new Internet home now has all my old writing moved into it and you can rummage through the attic of my blogging mind. You will discover my imperfections there, but also that I keep trying out new ideas.

I hope charity covers a multitude of grammatical sins.

What is next? You can expect to hear about movies, Disney, Plato, Russia, the Packers, the Titanic, theater, Christianity, civilization and all my discontents. In short, the new house will be like the old house only with air conditioning . . . which intellectually may mean I become cool or my new blog home will be a hipster site.


The next few months will see a series of exciting new media and academic announcements at Houston Baptist University and I hope to be part of quite a few of them.

(I am thankful to Robin Dembroff, Randall and Kate Gremillion, and Pope Benedict XVI for input in to this column. Izzy Gremillion also helped, but she hates parenthetical references so I cannot mention her.)

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