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Bauerlein on “Resonance”

by Micah Mattix on May 7, 2012

Over at First Thoughts, I have a short post on Mark Bauerlein’s piece on liberalism and literature at Public Discourse. His conclusion that “resonance” or personal fulfillment has replaced truth as the arbiter of value today is worth pondering.

Bauerlein discusses only the novel, but I wonder to what extent the importance of fulfillment–however short-lived–has perverted our view of service in the church or our view of vocation. No doubt we long to be involved in a community or to pursue a vocation that is fulfilling, but this shouldn’t be the only thing, and certainly not the most important thing, that determines which community we join or which vocation we pursue. And often the most fulfilling things turn out to be those we do out of a sense of duty to the one true God.

This, I take it, is part of what it means to lose one’s life to save it.

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