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The City Winter 2011 – Full Edition

by Benjamin Domenech on December 16, 2011

The Winter 2011 issue of The City has been posted in full via Issuu, and is now available below. A list of contents follows – we hope you enjoy it.

Faith & Politics
Wilfred McClay on the Cities of God & Man
Russell Moore on the Politics of Dominion
Jordan Ballor on the Common Good
Robert George on Constitution & Creed

Eric Teetsel on Capitalist Evangelism
Benjamin Domenech on the Untrained Grasshopper
Terrence Moore on Steve Jobs & Capitalism
Owen Strachan on the Charismatic Question
Paul D. Miller on The Lessons of Iraq

Books & Culture
Louis Markos on God and Morality
Richard Reinsch on Redeeming Democracy
R.J. Snell on Cormac McCarthy & Sloth
Peter Lawler on The Cloned Soul

A Republic of Letters
Hunter Baker

Poetry by Bill Coyle
The Word by Cotton Mather

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