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The City Summer 2009: Full Edition

by Benjamin Domenech on August 10, 2009

The Summer 2009 issue of The City has been posted in full via Issuu, and is now available below. We hope you enjoy it.


A Very Model of a Modern Evangelical
John Mark Reynolds + Francis J. Beckwith
Matthew Lee Anderson

The Soul & The City + Wilfred McClay
Who Owns Science? + Hunter Baker
Solzhenitsyn & The Future + Peter Augustine Lawler
Obama & Abortion + Robert P. George
On Marriage + Jonathan Rauch & Joseph Knippenberg
Christ in the Classroom + Louis Markos

Books & Culture
Russell D. Moore on Updike’s Run
Matthew J. Milliner on Gore Walk
Jordan Ballor on The Media’s Blind Spot
Paul Bonicelli on Aid For Africa

Lovejoy Street by A.E. Stallings

The Word
St. John Chrysostom on Faith and Politics

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