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Items of Interest: The Way to Understand

by Benjamin Domenech on January 20, 2009

That the way to understand, therefore, may be open to you, you do rightly first of all, in professing that you believe ; for no one embarks upon the sea, and trusts himself to the deep and liquid element, unless he first believes it possible that he will have a safe voyage; neither does the husbandman commit his seed to the furrows and scatter his grain on the earth, but in the belief that the showers will come, together with the sun’s warmth, through whose fostering influence, aided by favouring winds, the earth will produce and multiply and ripen its fruits. In fine, nothing in life can be transacted if there be not first a readiness to believe. What wonder then, if, coming to God, we first of all profess that we believe, seeing that, without this, not even common life can be lived.

Rufinus of Aquileia
Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed

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